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6 Key Values

Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions are all based on the six key values introduced below. We believe in the importance of these values for the installation market, and are constantly working to ensure that they are realized in every Yamaha product.

Reliability: Performance you can count on

With commercial installed sound, nothing is more important than the assurance that every piece of equipment in your sound solution will operate at peak performance long after the installation process has finished. Since most commercial environments require un-manned operation without the expertise of an audio engineering professional, you need products that you can depend on for years to come. Over the past several decades Yamaha has developed a reputation for providing customers with dependable, high-grade products that guarantee a lifetime of reliable operation.

All Yamaha products undergo rigorous testing at every stage of their development in order to meet the highest standards of reliability and endurance. Only the best quality component parts are used in our products— each of them subject to detailed analysis before and after extensive testing that simulates the harshest conditions our products might be subjected to, in order to ensure they can operate in even the most demanding environments. This meticulous testing process is backed up by protection features that keep your equipment safe, offering improved longevity even when working in less-than-ideal conditions. Combined with road-tested innovation, this attention to detail has established Yamaha as the premier force in live sound reinforcement and large installation markets, and now we've brought this same dedication to performance excellence to our new lineup of commercial installation products.

Our commitment to our customers extends well beyond the reliability of our products. Thanks to a comprehensive worldwide distribution network, we can offer customers professional service and support to ensure that everyone who uses our products is getting the best out of their Yamaha purchases. No matter where you are, you can be assured of assistance with any product-related inquiries, so you'll never be left hanging.

Simplicity: Time is on your side

Installing a commercial sound solution can be a sizeable undertaking, requiring a great deal of energy, planning and perhaps most significantly, time. Yamaha now offers a comprehensive new range of installed sound products that possess superior sound and performance characteristics, yet reduce the amount of resources that would normally go into designing, installing and configuring such a system. With standardized connections, flexible functionality, and an innovative approach to workflow, these products function together seamlessly, allowing you to construct a sound that remains consistent throughout your installation space.

Flexibility: We've got you covered

Designing a complete sound solution from the ground up can be a daunting task, and selecting the proper equipment for your system is the crucial first step. Our new lineup of commercial installation products offers numerous advantages by providing flexible features that reduce the number of components required to configure your system and ensure that it meets the specific demands of your commercial environment.

Easily adaptable to countless applications, all series speakers and amplifiers are capable of running in high or low impedance modes. Series power amplifiers can even achieve 70V or 100V operation on all channels without sacrificing any outputs. Additionally, the newly developed Double Power Mode allows a single amplifier to drive speakers of varying output capabilities. Offering additional flexibility for end users, the newly developed Wireless DCP software app gives iPhone and iPod touch users remote control of system presets and levels.

Expandability: Broaden your horizons

Based on Yamaha's extensive experience in sound reinforcement and larger installations this new lineup features several expandability options, adding more input/output capability and functionality to accommodate a wider range of applications. For larger installations, products featuring dedicated Dante ports provide the latest in audio network technology and seamless integration with other Dante enabled equipment. Yamaha's popular MY expansion cards make it easy to add functionality and input/output capability in a wide variety of audio and network formats, to products that are equipped with compatible card slots. This series also features dedicated expanders that can add flexibility to your systems design, providing additional input/output capability via Yamaha's YDIF proprietary digital audio transmission format using standard Ethernet cable.

Yamaha Quality: For discriminating tastes

Yamaha has a proven track record for providing both industry leading AV products for the consumer market, and high quality, professional equipment for live sound, broadcast and recording applications. Now we are bringing this same commitment to our customers in the installed sound market, offering the proven assurance of Yamaha sound quality in a whole new range of installation applications.

Efficiency: Think Green

In an era when the world faces issues such as climate change, rising costs, and diminishing resources, the slightest reduction in power consumption represents a significant benefit, both in cost and in environmental impact. For this reason, our commercial sound products offer a range of innovative features aimed specifically at lowering power consumption.

XMV power amplifiers feature Class-D topology combined with a new patent pending 2-step output circuit that raises the efficiency of the amplifier to over 90% at rated output power. The amplifiers also utilize a Power Factor Correction equipped switching power supply that benefits the installation venue itself, making circuit breakers less prone to shutting down, as well as negating the need for thicker, heavier cables. Our commercial sound systems also feature high efficiency speakers that offer stunning sound while requiring less power than conventional speakers, allowing the use of smaller capacity amplifiers than was previously possible.

Perhaps most importantly, is the simplicity of Yamaha's streamlined new approach to installed sound— taking this power-saving philosophy a step further by making system design and setup faster and easier, allowing your team to work less but achieve more.

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