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Turning Concepts Into Sound

With the vast and varied demands placed on audio post production equipment, even the smallest details have a notable influence on efficiency and output quality. Yamaha audio post production products offer meticulously refined performance and operability throughout, based on extensive feedback from eminent engineers in the field, plus the skill and experience of Yamaha designers and engineers who are dedicated to delivering nothing but the best.

Yamaha offers a range of powerful tools for enhanced post productivity, including the Nuage Advanced Production System that integrates Yamaha digital mixer and Steinberg DAW technology, high-resolution head amplifiers, VCM effects, acclaimed DM/0 series digital mixing consoles with advanced monitoring capabilities, and the MSP STUDIO and HS series reference monitor speakers. All of the above offer intuitive operation and unrivaled sonic quality that can help to crystallize concepts into superior sound.

Synergy That Delivers - Yamaha & Steinberg history -

Yamaha has been at the forefront of the professional audio industry ever since the PM1000 audio mixer was released in 1975. Products such as the NS10-M STUDIO monitor speakers, the 02R digital mixing console, and the SPX90 effects processor found their way into leading studios around the world, eventually earning reputations that made them "classics" in the field. 

DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) became established as the primary working environment for audio production from the mid 90’s through the turn of the century, and in January of 2005 Steinberg Media Technologies ("Steinberg" hereafter), a company that had contributed numerous advanced technologies and solutions to this growing field, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha. This pivotal fusion led to increasingly concerted development of integrated products and systems. Steinberg was originally established in 1984, rapidly becoming a source of important audio processing standards such as ASIO (Audio Stream In and Out), VST (Virtual Studio Technology), and others. These advanced technologies were incorporated into a number of revolutionary products, including the Cubase and Nuendo DAW applications that are currently favored by more than 1.5 million users worldwide. Further details about Steinberg are available here.

Joint development between Yamaha and Steinberg has resulted in a number of audio interfaces and controllers that take full advantage of the performance potential of Steinberg DAW software. That synergy between two leaders in audio technology will continue to deliver increasingly advanced solutions for a wide range of applications into the future.

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