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Celtic Woman "A New Journey" Tour Travels with Yamaha PM1D Digital Console Systems

May, 2008

Irish vocalists Celtic Woman currently on tour in the U.S. promoting their latest cd.

BUENA PARK, Calif. — Irish vocalists Celtic Woman are currently spending sixteen weeks in the U.S. on tour in support of their latest CD "A New Journey." With two sold-out performances at Radio City Music Hall in New York City held appropriately over St. Patrick's Day weekend, the U.S. leg will end in late May at the Greek Theater in L.A. "A New Journey" is the latest spectacular production from Celtic Woman, combining the elegant lyricism of Ireland"s past with the vivaciousness and dynamism of its present. The five gifted soloists – four vocalists and one violinist – have come together with composer and musical director David Downes ("Riverdance") to create a true musical experience.

Along with the five principle artists, the six-member band consists of two drummer/percussionists, a bass player, piano/keyboards, guitar/acoustic instrument player, and a pipes/whistle/acoustic player. Celtic Woman is also accompanied by an eight-member choir.

The sound system for the "A New Journey" tour consists of two Yamaha PM1D digital console systems manned by front-of-house engineer Wayne Pauley and monitor engineer Gord Adams. Scotty Ross is production manager for the tour with technical audio assistance provided by Tom Stegemann, Jason McCarrick and Jason Dallin.

Wayne Pauley, who has been the front-of-house engineer and a live sound consultant for the show as well as the show"s parent company, has been touring with Celtic Woman since January 2006. Prior to joining the tour, he worked with such acts as Bo Bice ("American Idol"), Trisha Yearwood, Wynonna, Keith Urban, and has been using Yamaha PM1D consoles for about three years. "I had used PM5D's plenty in the past but needed the massive amount of input capability the PM1D provides for this tour," states Pauley. "With 85 inputs to FOH and numerous stereo returns, it was the only logical choice."

"I think the PM1D is very user friendly for us old school analog guys," Pauley says and likes having the surface area, being able to get to anything he needs fast, with just a couple of key strokes. "I"m very fond of the Selected Input Channel Fader; most consoles have this function, but without the fader, and the fader is what makes this great and sets it apart from other consoles. The speed and continuity I get out the PM1D is what allows me to get up and running in no time."

The tour is carrying its own production with gear provided by Masque Sound (NY/NJ). In addition to the two PM1Ds, audio includes Meyer self-powered line arrays: 24 Milo's, 24 Mica's, 12 HP-700 subs, 10 UPM front fills, and 6 UPJ outfills with two Galileo controllers. All microphones are Sennheiser including wireless and in-ear monitors.

Gord Adams is in his second year of touring with Celtic Woman and has approximately 200 shows under his belt. Prior to working with Celtic Woman, he toured with such artists as Nelly Furtado, Dido, Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, to name a few. Adams says he has a great deal of respect for the others on the audio crew for this tour, and since he trusts that all the bases are covered every day, has peace of mind to focus on the monitor mix without the distraction of any tech issues that may arise.

"I"ve been using Yamaha digital consoles for the past five years and having previously worked on analog consoles for many years, was surprised how easily I was able to make the transition to digital to the point where having to use an analog desk now seems a little foreign to me," states Adams. "I prefer the PM1D system for monitors, especially with Celtic Woman as the amount of outputs available meets the need. I occupy 38 busses, and having 48 input faders present at all times is great and helps reduce the number of keystrokes required to get to any particular input." Adams adds that on this particular tour, he uses almost 60 saved scenes for the show and that the software tools make managing the day-to-day edits to one or all scenes easy.

Irish group, The High Kings (with music composer Downes) currently opening for the Celtic Woman tour, will head out on their own U.S. tour beginning April 17 using two Yamaha PM5Ds and two Yamaha DM2000 digital audio consoles as sidecars, at both front-of-house and monitors.

For more information, contact Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc., 6600 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620; telephone 714-522-9011; e-mail; or visit

For more information on the Celtic Woman "A New Journey" tour, visit and for The High Kings, visit

For more information on Masque Sound, visit

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