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Yamaha Output Product Updates Now Available

October, 2009

Several new output products are now available including DME 3.5, MY16-AUD, ACD-1 and Amp Editor Software.

BUENA PARK, Calif. — Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. announces the fall availability of recently launched new output products and output product updates.Yamaha DME 3.5: New features in DME 3.5 include a Program Ducker component enabling fade-in/fade-out with much longer attack/release time than in existing DME units. Inverted ducking makes fade-in possible and enables gradual BGM ducking which is ideal for theme park paging, for example, and cross-fade source switching, necessary for broadcast. The new OSC On/Off oscillator key can be used as an assignment key while in Source to obtain a GPI effect. DME 3.5 provides ’native’ support for MY16-ES64, MD64-EX, MY16-MD64, and MY16-EX cards available for DME64n and DME24n via the I/O card list in DME Designer software. A new External Device icon has been added, and Yamaha SB168-ES Stage Box and IMX644 Rack Mount Mixer icons are available as External Devices through DME Designer.

Yamaha MY16-AUD: The Dante-MY16-AUD card by Audinate is fully compatible with Yamaha digital MY16 card slots in consoles, processors and digital power amplifiers. Dante delivers a self-configuring, true plug-and-play digital audio network that uses standard Internet Protocols at 1Gbps and/or 100Mbps Ethernet. Dante-enabled devices will self-configure and automatically discover the location and number of channels of other devices on the network, reducing complicated installation requirements. Included with the Dante-MY16-AUD card is Audinate’s Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS). Each Dante-MY16-AUD used with a Yamaha digital product provides 16 bi-directional audio channels (8 at 96kHz) and full Dante network audio redundancy. More cards can be added for increased channels.

Yamaha ACD1 and Amp Editor V.1.1: The Yamaha ACD1 amplifier control device enables complete remote control and monitoring of power amplifiers and provides a convenient, reliable means to connect a computer running Yamaha’s advanced Amp Editor V.1.1 control and monitoring software to Yamaha Tn, PC1N, XP, XM and XH series amplifiers. Up to 32 daisy-chained Tn and/or PC1N series amplifiers can be connected to the ACD1 Data Port connector via standard Ethernet cables, while as many as eight XP, XM, and/or XH series amplifiers can be connected to individual Monitor/Remote connectors via appropriate D-sub cables. New features include a Recall Safe function, Trim Controls for slot inputs, GPI functions, a device for Tree View, and a System View for amps in System View Creator. The Yamaha TXn power amplifier can connect directly to Amp Editor V.1.1 via the Ethernet without the need for the ACD1, so the user can simultaneously connect TXn amps with other Yamaha amplifiers on an ACD1 unit to a single computer by using a standard high-speed Ethernet hub.

Amp Editor V.1.1 software provides a number of features that can manage and control large multi-amp systems efficiently. Users have access to a desired location by amplifier, speakers or drivers or through any other user-defined identifiers. The software also sends an alert when parameters such as voltage, wattage, temperature or impedance exceed pre-defined values, and will automatically log such events to an information file for troubleshooting purposes. New software features have been added to include a new color scheme for System View Creator, an Alert set-up window (export function), real time update for Channel Name display in the Device Detail View, secured Speaker Processor library file, and a local link for Output Mute. The new software also has a preloaded preset for 3rd party speakers; i.e. EAW, EV, JBL, Tannoy, TurboSound, Martin.

For more information contact Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc., 6600 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620; telephone 714-522-9011; or e-mail

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