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Bauder Audio Puts NEXO GEO S, NEXO RS18 to the Test

December, 2010

Bauder's inventory of Yamaha & NEXO products also includes PC9501N amplifiers, NX4x4 amplifiers, PM5D-RH digital consoles, M7CL-48 digital consoles, and DM1000 consoles.

BUENA PARK, Calif.—For more than 30 years, Richard Bauder has provided audio production services to the greater Philadelphia area. Recently, Bauder Audio Systems added to its audio arsenal extensive quantities of NEXO line array products, including 22 GEO S1210, two GEO S1230, eight of the new RS18 Ray Subs, and six NX4x4 amplifiers.

“We bought the quantities we did to be able to split it in two equal rigs or act as one large system,” states Brian Naab, Production Manager. “The sound, price, weight and reliability were big factors as was the US distribution by Yamaha. Having a well–known name like Yamaha behind these products made a big difference over the other European speaker manufacturers that we have used and were considering. When we demoed the RS18, we were very impressed with the quality of the bass, SPL output, and flexibility. Being able to run them in Cardioid or Omni mode depending on the venue was a plus.”

“As a production manager, one of the biggest benefits to me with NEXO is the software,” says Naab. “I can model a room after a sight survey and know what the PA will do for my client before sending it out with the crew. I find GeoSoft2 to be amazingly accurate and reliable in the vertical plane. The NS1 has made it better by adding bass and vastly improving the horizontal prediction. Our guys love the PA and can walk into any venue and fly or stack it without guessing or wasting time with trial and error.”

For a sold out show in late November held at the College of New Jersey’s Kendall Hall and featuring Mute Math, Plain White T’s, and All Time Low, PA consisted of six GEO S1210s ground stacked per side, two RS18s per side, two GEO S830s used for front fill, and three NX4x4 amplifiers.

Bauder Audio has an extensive inventory of Yamaha products including eight PC9501N amplifiers, three Yamaha PM5D–RH digital consoles, three M7CL–48 consoles, three DM1000s, and will typically run a full EtherSound network using a Yamaha console for a given event. “After years of reliability from our Yamaha PM4000’s, PM5000 and racks full of effects processors, when the live audio world really embraced digital consoles 8 to 10 years ago the logical choice was to stay with Yamaha,” adds Naab. “We started with a couple of DM1000s and as soon as the PM5D–RH came out, we bought two within the first year.”

Naab said it was obvious from the very beginning that the 5D was going to be the board that revolutionized the sound reinforcement industry. “The consistency of inputs and outputs made all the difference. For the first time, engineers wouldn’t have to worry about what input modules or output modn n ules you had and how they were configured. The mix they dialed up last week in another city would simply load in the next guy’s 5D. We’ve since added a third PM5D–RH and DSP5D Expander to our inventory, and we can’t keep them in the building. It’s been, by far, the best choice of console we’ve ever made as a rental and production house. It sounds really good!”

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