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Mankin Media Installs NEXO System at Palm Valley Church

May, 2011

Palm Valley Church Attendees Are 'Wide-Eyed' At Their New NEXO System

BUENA PARK, Calif.—Palm Valley Church in Mission, Texas recently hired Mankin Media Systems (MMS) of Franklin, Tennessee to design/build a new facility to house their growing congregation. The existing 600–seat auditorium previously thought to be large enough was now bursting at the seams so a new 2,500–seat auditorium was erected.

MMS worked with architects that were not familiar with the type of facility the church wanted, and also worked closely with local engineers and contractors to ensure the building was built to the specifications and standards set by Palm Valley Church. The timeline was a bit of a challenge in order to achieve the desired results, with the added challenge of making sure that structural steel, power, and acoustics were all positioned precisely so that the new systems would work as designed.

Mankin Media Systems Projects Director, Stephen Roberts, said, “The church was exploding in attendance and were confident in their leap to a new building in order to gain more seating capacity. What they described to us, though, was a mission to not just gain seating capacity but to build a facility designed to engage their audiences for miles around.” The service is contemporary worship with acoustic drums, electric guitars, bass, keys, acoustic guitars, piano and vocal team.

With great attention to needs of the church, MMS recommended a NEXO GEO S12 line array system to gain the coverage required for this size church. “MMS was able to demo the NEXO S12 system for the client, and they loved what they heard, and the price point,” says Roberts.

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. provided hands–on time with the system before the church had to make decisions, which allowed them to get really comfortable with the gear and the people who would be supporting it. The client was able to hear other speaker systems when visiting area churches for inspiration but did not hear anything that made an impression like the NEXO system. “The sound of the NEXO products made them the best fit,” adds Roberts.

The complete NEXO system includes 12 GEO S1210 boxes, an RS15 sub, one NXAMP 4x1, two NXAMP 4x4s, and six PS8 stage wedges. Volunteers typically run the audio system, and were trained by MMS on the entire system. Ben Mankin, President of Mankin Media Systems, stated, “We are so pleased that the new building at Palm Valley Church can not only meet the current technical needs of the church today, but was also structurally designed to help meet the future needs of the church.”

“Church attendees are now “wide–eyed!” notes Mitch Idol, Service Program Director of Palm Valley Church.

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