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Vintage Takes on New with Yamaha CL

February, 2013

Veteran Engineer, Brian Anderson, on the Road with CL5

Although Vintage Trouble only formed in 2010, recording their first CD The Bomb Shelter Sessionsand successfully selling it at gigs, led to, as luck would have it, receiving calls to feature their music in several commercials. Their good fortune continued when they opened for Brian May's Anthemstour; followed by Bon Jovi dates in stadiums and arenas in the UK, Ireland and Germany. Vintage Trouble is currently the opening act for The Who’s ‘Quadrophenia and More’ tour, already completing 25 shows with 12 more to go.

25-year veteran front of house mix engineer, Brian Anderson, is mixing the band using a new Yamaha CL5 digital audio console and Rio3224-D, provided by Sound Image (Nashville). Anderson’s credits include Blues Traveler, Spinal Tap, Hoobastank, Batlord, Lovehammers, Brother, just to name a few. He has also mixed a Cirque Productions show entitled “Pop Goes The Rock”.

“The CL5 is operating the front of house mix as well as four in-ear monitor mixes on stage and a 24-track ProTools recording using Audinate’s Virtual Sound card,” states Anderson. “The fact that the console allows everything to be done from one surface with one operator has been invaluable to the band in regard to staying on budget. We have a relatively controlled environment that keeps things very consistent from day to day.”

Anderson said he first dabbled with digital consoles beginning with a Yamaha ProMix01. “I am a fan of digital consoles, and although other manufacturers’ consoles have often been unreliable, I always try and request a Yamaha whenever possible. The CL sound is far superior to earlier Yamaha consoles, and the amount of available effects, Premium Rack plug ins, iPad control, Dante interface (no heavy snake to carry), and control surface ergonomics are great benefits.”

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