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Yamaha Expands on MGP Analog Mixer Series

April, 2013

MGP32X and MGP24X Added to the Lineup

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. announces the expansion of the MGP Analog Mixer Series with the introduction of the MGP32X and MGP24X analog consoles for recording and live sound environments. The MGP Series created a new paradigm for compact mixers in that they combine analog authenticity with comprehensive digital capabilities. The new consoles offer expanded mixing capability with more channels and three new digital features: USB device recording and playback, Graphic EQ, and a multi-band compressor.

The Yamaha MGP Series consoles feature newly developed discrete Class-A D-PRE mic preamps. These studio-grade preamps employ an inverted Darlington circuit design that features multiple circuitry elements in order to deliver more power with lower impedance. With 48V phantom power and stunning high-resolution sound, D-PRE mic preamps will meet even the highest demands by the professional end user.

In developing compressors and EQ for high-end digital mixing consoles based on Yamaha's acclaimed VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) technology, engineers have been able to recreate frequency response characteristics unique to classic analog gear, making the X-pressive EQ more than just a means of tweaking a mix, but a powerful sound-shaping tool that essentially redefines the role that EQ plays in sound reinforcement.

The Stereo Hybrid Channel combines flexible digital functionality with intuitive analog feel. The MGP Series utilizes powerful, proprietary DSP to provide three essential features that are staples of both installed and live sound applications—“Ducker”, “Leveler” and “Stereo Image”. Each of these functions are easily accessible and available at the touch of a button, providing simple, yet flexible control. Featuring a mid-sweep, three-band EQ for nuanced sound control and high-performance onboard A/D and D/A converters, the Stereo Hybrid Channel offers unique functionality with superior sound.

MGP Series mixing consoles offer two separate studio-grade effects processors: Yamaha's high-end REV-X reverb offers three very high-resolution reverb effects, while the renowned SPX digital multi-effect processor provides a useful selection of 16 advanced digital effects.

The MGP32X and MGP24X feature new 31-band GEQ on the STEREO bus. The 14-band GEQ and Flex9 GEQ modes allow for concise, detailed EQ-ing for more demanding applications.

The two new MGP consoles also have two master compressors: Comp and Multiband. Comp is a conventional style single band, while the Multi-band separates the audio into three bands for more subtle dynamic control. Assigned to the stereo bus, there are three preset programs installed with up to five user programs available.

The Yamaha MGP32X and MGP24X come equipped with two USB ports to support a wider range of device connectivity: one dedicated to USB device recording and playback and the other for iPod/iPhone connection.

An updated version of MGP Editor is also available for free download from the Apple iTunes Store allowing control of effects, Hybrid channel, Graphic EQ and Master Compressor.

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