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Trivium, The ME, And New Yamaha QL: A "Three-Way Logical" Combination

April, 2014

New Yamaha QL5 Takes To The Road With Trivium

Trivium "is an American heavy metal band from Orlando, Florida that formed in 2000, and since signing with Roadrunner Records in 2004, has released six studio albums and eighteen singles. Selling over one million albums worldwide and following the release of their sixth album, the band IS out on Tour in Support of Vengeance Falls .

After speaking with Clair Bros. (Littiz, PA) who IS Responsible for audio production for the Tour About Different console options, Trivium's Monitor Engineer, Mike Babcock, the CHOSE NEW Yamaha  QL5  Digital Audio Console for Monitor Mixing. Clair IS ALSO Providing a FOH control package, a full stage patch package, and snake system for Trivium. The band owns JH-Audio IEMs and Sennheiser transmitters. Clair is also providing a full monitor system and control package for "Volbeat" who headlines the tour.

"The Yamaha QL Console Series could not have been released at a more opportune time, states Clair Account Manager, Justin Weaver. We were in the middle of talking to tour manager Joey Brueckmann and Mike Babcock about their upcoming tour package, and the QL5 was the perfect fit for the tour. Trivium is jumping around between headline, support, and festival shows, so having a reliable, compact console in monitor world was a must since real estate on stage is at a premium. "

After speaking with Doug Staab at Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, he assured Clair Bros. that Yamaha could have the QL5 QC'd and shipped to them before their shop load-out date. "Not only did they deliver on time, but our console department also had time to play with the console and was quite impressed with the design and feel of the QL, says Weaver. We look forward to deploying this desk on many more tours in the future that require a dependable, small-footprint mixing console. "

INITIALLY, Trivium CHOSE a Yamaha  CL1  for the Tour Mainly BECAUSE Brueckmann WAS Finding That all of Their Fly dates HAD Yamaha  PM5D s for Monitors, and we Wanted to Stay WITHIN the Yamaha Family for consistency Yet Keep a Small footprint for Ease of everything, " states Babcock. The fact that the new QL5 was available was a huge bonus, mainly for the onboard preamps and not needing an additional Rio rack. I've never been one to shy away from new gear, especially from Yamaha. "

Babcock said since the main goal for a monitor console was a small footprint and Trivium is the main support act on the Volbeat tour, a quick load out was important. "Having a file system that is compatible with all Yamaha consoles is a big plus. The file conversion utility worked great with our first fly date festival using a Yamaha PM5D. "Babcock said that on that fly date with a converted QL5 show file for PM5D externally clocked at 96 there was no noticeable audio quality difference after gain structure was reset. "Would I CONSIDER the QL5 to BE PM5D quality (or better) in an Yamaha  LS9  size. Great for Club tours, tours Support, and anywhere a Small footprint IS needed. Keeping client Demands for high quality audio IS the main goal, and the addition of the Premium Rack plug-ins is greatly appreciated and adds that little special sauce we all love. There are times where I really need dynamic EQ, and that option is great as well. "

"It all adds up to be the best monitor mixes anyone in the band has ever had mainly due to having the QL5 tools required to offset various venue conditions at the tip of my fingers."

For more information on Trivium, visit:  www.Trivium.Org .

For more information Clair Bros., visit:  www.Clairglobal.Com .

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