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Yamaha Introduces AG Multi-Purpose Mixer and USB Audio Interface

January, 2015

AG Multi-Purpose Mixer Provides Studio-Quality Sound/Yamaha DSP

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. has announced the AG Multi-Purpose Mixer and USB Audio Interface launched today by Yamaha Corporation Japan. The AG's compact, intuitive design concept combines studio-quality sound with state-of-the-art Yamaha DSP and versatile connectivity, for a fast and easy, high-quality tool to be used in varying musical and non-musical applications.

Two Yamaha AG models come equipped with D-PRE mic preamps, originally designed by Yamaha for use in high-end recording equipment, capable of capturing the distinctive nuances of vocal and instrumental performances with the flawless fidelity of the AG's high-resolution 192kHz/24-bit sound. The AG also features an intelligent LOOPBACK function that allows users to broadcast musical or non-musical content live online along with backing tracks or with additional audio from a PC, Mac or iPad.

With flexible connectivity, phantom power and a Hi-Z switchable input, users can connect a wide range of instruments and microphones such as guitars, bass, synthesizers, high-quality condenser mics, and headsets directly into the AG. Onboard 1-TOUCH DSP instantly adds optimally set COMP/EQ and EFFECT (the AG06 also features AMP SIM for an authentic and warm tube amp guitar sound). For more precise control of these settings, the multi-platform AG DSP Controller software (available via download) allows users to access and edit the compressor, EQ, high-pass filter, reverb, and amp simulator parameters.

The Yamaha AG also comes bundled with CUBASE AI music production software (available via download) for Mac and Windows computers. For iPad applications, an optional CUBASIS DAW App is available. USB bus power allows users to instantly configure a compact, yet powerful studio setup with a single connection to their computer, or by using a mobile battery with an iPad.

The Yamaha AG provides users with a simple, yet versatile means of capturing or broadcasting their creations, musical or otherwise, with studio-quality sound and a fast, easy setup. The AG's intuitive compact design and versatile connectivity make it easier than ever to record, broadcast, archive, or simply listen to high-quality content, even for end users with no previous mixing experience.

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