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New Yamaha Rio 64-Input/Output Rack Makes NAB 2015 Debut

April, 2015

Dante/Mini-YGDAI Audio Interface Makes NAB Debut

Yamaha Commercial Audio has announced the NAB 2015 launch the new RSio64-D I/O audio interface providing up to 64 inputs and 64 outputs with Dante/Mini-YGDAI card conversion for broadcast, recording, live sound, and other professional audio applications at booth #C1450. The new RSio64-D is a digital ‘Bento Box’ of sorts, the Japanese equivalent of a lunch box with compartments that contain various parts of the meal.

The Yamaha RSio64-D is a Dante/Mini-YGDAI format converting audio interface that can handle up to 64 inputs and 64 outputs while providing router functionality. It allows a wide range of input/output formats to be connected to a Dante network via four card slots that accept the comprehensive range of Mini-YGDAI cards available, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. The RSio64-D can also be remotely controlled from Yamaha CL and QL Series digital consoles.

The RSio64-D is compatible with more than 30 different Mini-YGDAI cards. It is not just limited to I/O cards that handle formats like AES/EBU or ADAT, but also accepts processing cards that provide capabilities such as Lake Processors and Dan Dugan automatic mixing. Each Mini-YGDAI slot includes a sample rate converter (SRC) so that devices operating on different word clocks can be connected without causing noise or signal interruptions. Reliability is excellent with full support for Dante network redundancy (primary/secondary) as well as an EXT DC INPUT for redundant power supply.

“The Rsio64-D is a card slot device that has slots for the customer to choose what "flavor" of format they require, states Marc Lopez, Marketing Manager, Yamaha Commercial Audio. “We expect that our customers will utilize the ‘Bento Box’ to the max as it will provide significantly enhanced flexibility for sound systems that include the Dante audio network.”

To make the RSio64-D even more convenient and easy to use as a format converter and router, presets for seven basic routing patterns are built in including routing between Mini-YGDAI cards. A rotary switch on the front panel allows direct selection of one-to-one Dante/Mini-YGDAI routing, branched Mini-YGDAI/Mini-YGDAI routing, and other options designed to suit a variety of applications.

Used with the R Remote software application or a CL or QL Series digital console, full matrix patching will be supported so that more complex routing can be set up as required.

Since its introduction in 1998 the Mini-YGDAI format has evolved to encompass a broad range of host devices and cards. The RSio64-D is an innovative solution that not only makes it possible to utilize the Dante network, but also enables convenient routing between Mini-YGDAI cards. The RSio64-D will greatly expand the utility and power of sound systems built around Dante capable products.

The Yamaha RSio64-D has a target MSRP of $3,000. Shipping is scheduled to begin this summer.

For more information, visit Yamaha Commercial Audio at NAB 2015, Booth #C1450.

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