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For over 125 years YAMAHA craftsmen have created some of the world’s finest musical instruments. Superior sound quality has always been the driving force behind all of Yamaha's efforts. Whether manufacturing instruments, developing state-of-the-art audio technologies or designing performance halls and theatres, Yamaha is always seeking new ways to deliver the best possible listening experience.

First implemented by Yamaha in 1985, Active Field Control (AFC) is an acoustic conditioning system designed to adjust and enhance the architectural acoustic characteristics of facilities such as performance arts venues, houses of worship, theatres and concert halls—while maintaining the natural sonic characteristics of the space.

AFC3 represents the third generation of innovative Active Field Control (AFC) systems from Yamaha, the most trusted name in audio.

With increasing pressure for facilities to become more multi-purpose and accommodate a wider range of applications AFC3 provides a cost-effective alternative to mechanical means of modifying room acoustics. A truly scalable solution which can be installed in a wide range of venues AFC3 makes it possible to hold classical concerts in a very large hall without a sound reinforcement system, to accommodate an organ in a small church, or to enhance crowd response in a stadium. Reverberation changes can be made at the push of a button, allowing the performance environment to be adjusted almost instantly. In addition AFC3 is able to deliver the same high-quality sonic experience to every performer and member of the audience.

Yamaha AFC systems are currently installed in over 80 facilities in the U.S. and Japan, and now with the release of AFC3, a much wider range of facilities worldwide will now have access to the best acoustic enhancement system available today.

What is AFC ?

Active Field Control is an acoustic enhancement system that is used to improve or enhance the architectural acoustic characteristics of a room and optimize reverberation while preserving that room's natural acoustic ‘signature’. Yamaha DSP technology enables us to realize this system with a small set of core devices.

AFC adjusts acoustical conditions by using an acoustical feedback system which makes AFC different from, and superior to, other techniques that are based on the use of digital reverbs to simulate room characteristics.

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Installation case

Yamaha Active Field Control System Enhances Artist Salon

Installation case

Yamaha Hosts Demonstration Evening at First European AFC3 Installation