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Selected References

Active Field Control in the Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa

Presented at the 138th Convention
2015 May 7–10 Warsaw, Poland

Acoustical Renovation Using Active Field Control in Preserving an Historical Auditorium

Author: Takayuki Watanabe, Shinji Kishinaga, Fukushi Kawakami
Data: 2004.4
Journal: ICA 2004, Kyoto

The History of Active Acoustic Enhancement Systems

30th Anniversary Conference
Reproduced Sound 2014
2014 Oct. 14-15 Birmingham, UK

Active Acoustic Enhancement Systems - introducing Yamaha AFC3

Author: Ron Bakker, Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems Europe
Data: 2012.11
PAPER - presentation at the 27th TonMeisterTagung in Cologne, Germany, 23-11-2012

Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics

ICA 2013 Montreal
Montreal, Canada, 2-7 June 2013
Architectural Acoustics
Session 3aAAa: Virtual Concert Hall Acoustics I

Active Field Control in Auditoria

Author: Fukushi Kawakami & Yasushi Shimizu(Yamaha Corporation)
Data: 1990
Applied Acoustics 31(1990)47-45


Improvement of the Acoustics under the Balcony in Auditoria using the Electro-Acoustic Method—A Study with a Full-Scale Model
JOURNAL OF BUILDING ACOUSTICS Volume 18 · Number 3, 4 · 2011

Various Applications of Active Field Control

Audio Engineering Society
Convention Paper 8859
2013 May 4-7 Rome, Italy

Recent Progress in AFC Technology -New ideas for averaging the loop gain-

Author: Fukushi Kawakami(Yamaha Corporation)
Data: 1999.03
AES Korea section The 2nd Audio conference

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Installation case

Yamaha Active Field Control System Enhances Artist Salon

Installation case

Yamaha Hosts Demonstration Evening at First European AFC3 Installation