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Redundant link for EtherSoundâ„¢ devices

AVRed-ES100 is an EtherSoundâ„¢ ES100 redundant links management device in a 19" 1U rack box for safe audio distribution over Ethernet with ultimate low propagation delay.

AVRed-ES100 secures an EtherSound connection with 2 redundant links A/B as well as automatic real time measurement of communication quality and 4 samples latency switch on the better link. AVRed-ES100 can work in pair with another AVDRed-ES100 unit for very low propagation delay or as a single unit after a standard Ethernet switch for cost sensitive installations.

AVRed-ES100 integrates a DC power supply Aux plug and integrated survey logic selecting the better power supply and able to automatically switch from one to any other in case of failure.

AVRed-ES100 enables network remote installation survey thanks to its native integrated network status report capability and provides a local 3rd port for controlling a complete ES100 network through it.

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