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Yamaha Dante devices with AES67 Guide

This document describes general instructions to connect Yamaha Dante devices with 3rd-party non-Dante AES67 devices.
PDF File [English]

Shure Wireless with Yamaha CL/QL Setup Guide

This document outlines the simple setup procedure of Shure's ULXD4D/4Q, AXT400, ULXD4, and QLXD4 wireless mic receivers with Yamaha CL & QL consoles, and provides tips for deploying a successful system.
PDF File [English]

CL/QL series with KLANG IEM Solutions Guide

This document and videos show how to set up Yamaha CL/QL series consoles with KLANG 3D in-ear monitoring systems via Dante network.
Yamaha CL&QL Series with KLANG In-Ear Monitoring Solutions
Introducing KLANG IEM Products
Setting up KLANG:fabrik with CL Series

QL series Live Recording Guide with Nuendo Live

This guide shows how quick and easy it is to achieve a high quality, live multi-track recording using a Yamaha QL series digital mixer and the optional software of Steinberg Nuendo Live.
PDF File [English]

CL/QL series with Aviom Personal Mixer Guide

This guide features a system setup example that shows how to integrate Aviom personal mixers into a Dante network that is based on Yamaha CL/QL series digital mixing consoles.
e-book [English]
PDF File [English]

CL & QL External Surround Metering Guide

This guide provides a step-by-step solution for connecting TouchMonitor TM7 from RTW as an external surround metering device with a Yamaha CL or QL digital mixing console.
e-book [English]
PDF File [English]

Online Seminar

CL/QL Series Online Seminar

Experience our CL/QL series training seminar online!
The features and functions are explained by Leland Green and Jose Perez - the top two most experienced trainers of Yamaha digital mixing consoles. You can follow the contents in order, or choose a paticular video focusing on a topic.

- These videos were created using CL Series firmware V2.0 and QL Series firmware V1.0.
- The latest specifications are subject to change with future firmware updates.

* The subtitles are available in English, Spanish, Russian (partly), Chinese, and Japanese. If your language doesn’t appear, click the settings icon on the bottom right-hand side of the player, click subtitles/CC and click to select your language.

* CL Series Online Seminar is also available.

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