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System Examples

A Compact System that Automatically Mixes up to 16 Speech Mics

At conferences or speech events where space for equipment is limited, a compact all-in-one QL console can be a huge advantage. The built-in Dan Dugan Automixer can automatically provide an optimum mix of up to 16 speech microphones. Events can be recorded directly to, and pre-recorded BGM can be played back from a USB flash drive. The StageMix application can provide remote control capability for even greater efficiency and convenience.

A Simple Live System with Daisy-chained l/O Racks

This is an example ofa simple live system that makes use of Dante networking Stage side R-series l/O rack units are connected to the front-of-house QL console via network cables An Aviom personal monitor system can also be connected to the Dante network via an Aviom D800-Dante distributor. This setup even allows multi—track recording to a computer via the Dante network.

QL Console for Monitor Mix and HQ in a Reliable Star Network

In this compact but capable live sound system a CL series console serves front—of—house while a stage side QL console doubles as monitor mixer and I/O device thanks to its Port to Port capability. The Gain Compensation function means that head amp gain can be safely controlled from either console without interference. For maximum system reliability a star network configuration with network switches is used for redundancy, so that a problem in one part ofthe network will not interrupt the overall signal flow, Live recording to multiple computers is also possible.

System Examples: Broadcast

Broadcast applications demand a great deal of the equipment used in terms of features, adaptability, sound, and reliability. More information about "Broadcast".

An RMio64-D is used to supply a MADI feed to an OB van.

The live sound system includes a CL console at front of house and a QL console stage side. In addition to providing the monitor mix, the stage side QL console’s Port to Port feature allows it to function as an I/O device with capabilities comparable to an R series rack unit, thus reducing overall system size and complexity.

The RMio64-D converts the system’s Dante signal to MADI for transmission to the OB van outside the venue. Sample rate conversion built into the RMio64-D effectively resolves word clock synchronization issues.

A Version 3.0 CL or QL console in a surround monitoring system.

Connections to the surround monitor speakers and dedicated cue speaker are made via the console’s OMNI OUT connectors or a Mini-YGDAI expansion slot.

External surround sources are fed to the console via a Mini-YGDAI expansion slot so that sources can be switched and monitored via the console. The surround signals can also be fed to an external surround meter via a Mini-YGDAI slot.

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