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M7CL StageMix provides remote control of M7CL functions

M7CL StageMix provides remote control of M7CL functions via a simple, intuitive graphical interface from anywhere within wireless range. The software has been specifically designed to allow engineers to adjust monitor mixes from the performers' positions on stage, directly controlling mix parameters via the iPad rather than having to rely on verbal directions to a second engineer.

The result is better mixes in less time: a huge advantage during high-pressure pre-show setup. StageMix does not provide remote control of all M7CL parameters, but is focused on the requirements for adjusting monitor mixes on stage.

* US Version is here

  • Price : Free
  • Compatible Devices : iPad/ iPad2 /iPad (3rd gen)/ iPad (4th gen)/ iPad mini
  • iOS : 6.0 - 10.x
  • Language : English

* Please read privacy policy carefully before downloading and installing the StageMix.

* Apple, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple. Inc.

Important notice for using StageMix for M7CL with iPad Air 2

There are cases where the synchronization between M7CL and StageMix may not be established when iPad Air 2 is used. In that case, follow the instructions below.

1. In the M7CL's function access area, press the SETUP button to access the SETUP screen.
2. In the lower line of the SETUP screen, press the NETWORK button to access the NETWORK popup window.
3. In the LINK MODE select area, press the 10BASE-T button and press the OK button to select 10BASE-T mode.
4. Turn off the M7CL's power and then on again.

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Advice for using StageMix on iOS 6 and iOS 10

[ 1 ]

With iOS 6 and iOS 10 your iPad may try to access the Internet at the time of selecting a Wi-Fi Network. Depending on the set-up or model of your Wi-Fi device (Router or Access Point), the message of "cannot connect with the Internet" may appear on your iPad screen and StageMix will be unable to connect with a console.
Internet access is unnecessary for the connection between StageMix and console, so should you experience this you can prevent this message from appearing by disabling "Redirect Function for Internet connection" of your Wi-Fi device. Please ask the Wi-Fi device manufacturer about the way to disable "Redirect Function for Internet connection".

[ 2 ]

With iOS 6 and iOS 10 you may experience Wi-Fi connection difficulties which can result in StageMix repeatedly losing sync with the console. Should you encounter this problem, please use either of the following procedures in order to maintain a stable Wi-Fi connection.

[Solution 1: If using a static IP address setting on the iPad.]

1. Open "Settings" application on the iPad.
2. Select Wi-Fi.
3. Tap [ >] of Wi-Fi Network you are using.
4. Tap [ Router ] and enter the IP address of the Router or Access Point.
(IP address is usually printed on the bottom of the device.)
5. Tap [ DNS ] and enter the same IP address as used in the above step 4
6. Close "Network Settings"
7. Launch StageMix and connect it to a console.

* Please note that the DNS address entered in the above step 5 must be set as required if using your iPad to connect to the Internet via the same WiFi device. Please ask your Network Administrator for assistance.

[Solution 2: If using the DHCP setting on the iPad.]

Should your Router or Access Point feature a DHCP server, it can be set-up accordingly. If not, use solution 1.

( Wi-Fi device settings )
1. Login to your Wi-Fi device using a web browser etc. and enter the set-up page.
2. Enable the DHCP server function in the setting page of step 1.
3. Set the upper and lower limits of the IP addresses the DHCP server can assign.
Ensure your console's IP address is outside this range, or reserve its IP address.
4. Set the Subnet Mask to the same value as the console.
5. Set the Router (Gateway) and DNS address if necessary.
6. Store the changes to apply.
7. Re-boot your Wi-Fi device if necessary.

( iPad settings )
8. Open "Settings" application on your iPad.
9. Select Wi-Fi.
10. Tap [ >] of Wi-Fi Network you are using.
11. Select [DHCP] under IP address. The iPad will receive the necessary DHCP data from the Wi-Fi device. Tap [Renew Lease] if it does not.
12. Double check that there is no IP address conflict between the console and iPad
13. Double check the iPad has received correct data for the Router and DNS address.
14. Launch StageMix and connect it to the console.

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