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Intelligent Processing. Serious Power.

Since the 1976 release of the P2200, our first professional power amplifier, Yamaha has strived to achieve the highest possible levels of sound quality, power output, and reliability in sound reinforcement, studio, and installed applications. The new PX series power amplifiers continue this tradition of excellence, utilizing Yamaha’s renowned digital signal processing technology and unparalleled professional audio expertise to achieve a light, durable design, capable of delivering maximum output power to the speakers while simultaneously protecting them with optimized processing. Driven by a newly-developed Class-D amplifier the four new models that make up the PX series are suitable for a broad range of sound reinforcement and installation environments.

Main Features

  • Powerful, Efficient Design

    PX series models are driven by a newly developed
    Class-D amplifier engine with a custom LSI.

  • Line up structure

    Prepared 4models with different power output.

  • Yamaha speaker preset

    with using Config wizard the best optimized
    setup for each speaker becomes possible.
    Customers only choose filter and crossover
    for their each speaker system set up and
    If using with Yamaha speakers, ready never before.

  • Flexible user set up

    To adapt wide variety of user experience,
    PX series to be prepared Basic mode and
    Advanced mode.

  • Utilities for Safe and Secure Operation

    PX Series amplifiers make it easy to transfer
    data such as panel settings and monitor data
    via USB for use with other amplifiers and
    setups, and also feature a panel locking
    function to keep your settings safe.

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