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From simple store systems through restaurants and conference rooms to large installations catering to hundreds of guests, here's a selection of total sound solutions using components from the extensive Yamaha lineup.


Simple, compact systems that maximize quality while minimizing cost for small installations.


- Lecture Room: Analog

Retail Store

- Retail Store: Analog

Banquet Room

- Banquet Room: Analog

Restaurant / Bar

- Restaurant: Analog

- Piano Bar: Analog

House of Worship

- House of Worship: Analog


Use the power of digital networking to minimize cabling, reduce cost, and transmit top-quality audio over long distances.


- Lecture Hall & Classroom Complex: Network 1

- Lecture Hall & Classroom Complex: Network 2


- Conference Room: Network

- Conference Center: Network

Banquet Room

- Banquet Room: Network

- Banquet Rooms with Foyer: Network


- Leisure Complex: Network

Assembly Hall

- Corporate Assembly Hall with Partition: Network

Sports Facility

- Arena: Network

- Stadium: Network

House of Worship

- House of Worship: Network


- Theater: Network

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